Custom Silhouette Mirror


Image of Custom Silhouette Mirror

Send me your side profile photo, I'll draw your silhouette and send you the drawing to approve before sending the mirror.

Small: 25 cm (10 in) wide (at the widest point)
Large: 35 cm (14 in) wide (at the widest point)
XXL: 60 cm (23 in) wide (at the widest point)

Acrylic mirror and wooden backing.
The mirror is lightweight and a steel hook on the reverse makes it easy to hang.
Coated with anti-static polish.
Acrylic mirror is far stronger than glass mirror, it is shutterproof and got the same clear reflective surface.
Polished edges.

Shipping in the UK: £12
Shipping anywhere else in the world: £18

This item is made to order. Please message me prior to ordering if you need it by a specific date. Thank you!