Times Square 3D Picture

690.00 - 990.00

The building in the centre is 1540 Broadway with the Mickey Mouse sign outside the Disney Store and the “21” sign outside the Forever 21 store. In the right is One Times Square with the 2020 numbers on it.

The translucent overlapping colours blend differently as you move near picture.
One of a kind. Signed.
3 UV printed layers in a white acrylic frame.
Fixings at the back.
Size 1: 33 x 44 x 5 cm. One of a kind
Size 2: 52 x 72 x 6 cm. One of a kind

This work comes with a certificate of authenticity with provenance verified via blockchain technology. For more information visit Verisart.com.

UK £35, anywhere else in the world £50