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Yoni Alter

Dotted Animals wall decals

Dotted Animals wall decals

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High quality vinyl wall stickers. Beautiful colours.

Each animal (Flamingo, Parrot, Butterfly, Toucan, Pelican, Penguin, Crocodile, Monkey) is available in 3 sizes.

I offer "3 decals combos" (discounted prices for buying 3 decals of the same size).

FLAMINGO SIZE 1: 29x50 cm SIZE 2: 46x80 cm SIZE 3: 63x110 cm
PARROT SIZE 1: 25x50 cm SIZE 2: 40x80 cm SIZE 3: 56x110 cm
BUTTERFLY SIZE 1: 54x35 cm SIZE 2: 75x54 cm SIZE 3: 117x86 cm
TOUCAN SIZE 1: 53x40 cm SIZE 2; 70x53 cm SIZE 3: 98x74 cm
PELICAN SIZE 1: 54x34 cm SIZE 2: 87x54 cm SIZE 3: 120x75 cm
PENGUIN SIZE 1: 20x50 cm SIZE 2: 33x80 cm SIZE 3: 46x110 cm
CROCODILE SIZE 1: 80x14 cm SIZE 2: 130x23 cm SIZE 3: 160x28 cm
MONKEY SIZE 1: 32x50 cm SIZE 2: 50x71 cm SIZE 3: 74x106 cm

DINOSAURS SET. A set of 12 different dinosaurs wall stickers, the tallest dinosaur is 29 cm tall and the widest is 45 cm wide (photo below).

As easy to remove as they are to install. For a perfectly clean removal, just warm the sticker a little with a hair dryer to make the adhesive tacky and peel away.
The video below show applying a 'Size 1" flamingo. For larger sizes you should look at videos about applying wall decals, like this one.

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Everywhere Else in the world £18 With another item £18

During checkout add a "note to seller" specifying the desired animal (s)
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