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Yoni Alter

Love Continuum Lamp

Love Continuum Lamp

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A contemporary filament LED technology as used in edison style bulbs providing magical even glow around the entire object and safe to touch.

Made using a unique method of printed resin mixes to create a uniformly glowing shape, a safe alternative to a glass neon lamp.

Handmade in London. 30 cm (11.5 inch) long, 8 cm (3 inch) tall. Provided 3 m (120 inch) transparent cable with dimming wheel function. 6W 2700K soft warm light. Works on international dual voltage. Suitable for low-light cinematography, no in-camera flicker when dimmed with rotary wheel.
2 year warranty included for the electrical components.

Designed in collaboration with Harish Persad.

Free shipping anywhere in the world. Ships from United Kingdom.

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