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Yoni Alter

Modular translucent discs sculpture

Modular translucent discs sculpture

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A set of four UV printed and protective-coated acrylic discs, 10 inch (25 cm) each, and a clear acrylic base.
Signed and numbered on a certificate of authentication.

Move the discs along the slots in the base to generate colourful compositions.

The interactive sculpture allows the creation of an endless amount of colourful compositions.

My fascination with translucency and acrylics began many years ago. In my prints, I often worked with overlapping shapes to blend and maximise the colours. It was when I started to look how to reproduce this effect in the form of a tangible object, that I started to experiment with acrylics.

The idea for the Modular Discs Sculpture started with a disc-shaped off-cut. I was cutting acrylic rings for something else and I noticed the disc - I then started to play with ideas to try and find a use for it. It’s quite typical of my process that while creating one thing, new ideas come up.

I love that this piece allows you to create your own colourful compositions rather than it being dictated by the artist - it allows you to play with the sculpture until you find a composition that you’d like to keep and display until the next time you play with it.

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