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Yoni Alter

Perpetual wall calendar

Perpetual wall calendar

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35 x 31 cm veneered MDF white Ash, plastic cards, wooden dowels.
Holes at the back for hanging on the wall.
Comes flat packed.
Made in London.

A playful, typographical design that lasts forever, working year after year.
Bringing joy, color, and vibrancy to your life and your day!

Allowing you to simply rearrange the dates, days, and months periodically.
Natural ash plywood and wooden dowels make up the base for the calendar, while individual brightly colored plastic cards with cutouts hang themselves on the dowels. What you see through the cutouts are the cards behind them, getting this overwhelming collage of colour.

How to use
Just change the day and date every 24 hours, taking cards off from the front and putting them at the back, and switch the month card every time a new month begins.

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Everywhere Else £12
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