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Yoni Alter

Serene. Stainless steel sculpture

Serene. Stainless steel sculpture

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Cast stainless steel.
H 18 cm / 7 in W 40 cm / 16 in D 33 cm / 13 in. 10 Kg / 22 lbs
Edition of 3. 
Certificate of authenticity.

What triggered the idea for the sculpture was the smallest piece in my "25 happy dogs puzzle". When I designed the puzzle I had to fill a very small gap and came up with a curled-up dog. Only a few small lines were enough to depict the sleeping dog, harmoniously-shaped as an oval.
I wanted to recreate the minimalism and simplicity in a three dimensional object. 
The softened shape of the sculpture is abstractifying the dog and is resonating the sense of tranquility.
The mirror finish also contribute to the abstraction, making the sculpture a shiny, reflective object that happens to depict a sleeping dog. 

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